Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Peru’s Congress votes to remove President Castillo

Hours before a non-confidence vote in Peru’s Congress to remove President Castillo, he announced plans to “temporarily” dissolve Congress and rule by decree. This political malstorm has been brewing for months. Naturally Peru 'expert' Mark Turner of IncaKola hasn't dared whisper a word. Suddenly, surprise, Castillo is under arrest and charged with sedition after his failed coup attempt. Take a bow Mark Turner.
Thousands took to the streets of Lima to call for the resignation of President Pedro Castillo who is under six investigations for corruption. People marched on Saturday until riot police fired tear gas to stop them.
In his first 12 months in office, Castillo faced more than 50 cabinet changes, five fraud investigations, and two impeachment proceedings. Castillo calls those who oppose him “reactionaries” and “the enemies of people”. He took office in July 2021 and is serving a five-year term until 2026. He has denied all.