Wednesday, July 20, 2022

RIO2 May presentation goes MIA - update III

1) "the Holder could not deliver well-founded information that adequately rules out the presence of Chinchilla chinchilla categorized as Critically Endangered (CR) in the project area, so it is not possible to infer that the project will not generate impacts, significant or not, on the populations of the species."

2) "the Licensee, by not carrying out satellite monitoring or using a more exhaustive methodology, such as the one proposed in Question 3.2 of the Second ICSARA of the camelid species Lama guanicoe (guanaco) and Vicugna vicugna (vicua), could not provide information that accounts for the actual use of these species in areas that will be impacted ... "

This crew refused to expand the 'zone of influence' and failed to use satellite monitoring. A population study of Chinchilla is required, and there are 42 places to look. Co is also needing a weather station, among other things.
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According to dipchit Mark Turner the Chilean government has released it's official reasons for rejecting the EIA. I see no news from this co. If true, some have that disclosure and others don't, which might explain the choppy RIO2 market. "The RCA has just been released; 319 pages of wholesome environmental fun, out today and my idea of nighttime reading."

Why does Mark Turner apparently have access to this critical material whilst stakeholders don't?

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This ridiculous iffin chitshow attempted to remove its locked May 2022 presentation from public view. Whilst the link was removed, the material was not deleted and can still be accessed through the link. How iffin stupid, etc.

Naturally we downloaded the copious lies and misrepresentations and will post this document in perpetuity.