Friday, July 1, 2022

Chinchilla me this ...

Big meeting of Chilean regulators has been pushed back to July 7. This be the latest RIO2 presentation which should contain the latest numbers of this chitshow. Very rare, these public company types have locked the document's content for some reason.

First off Blackie is advertising 75% recovery when the recovery from the test pit was 60%. The difference is a) huge, and b) hugely important to the bottom line. Blackie spewing 75% is bullchit.
Blackie chits himself about finding 'only 1' chinchilla, and then in the next breath discloses they hit 19 of the fuzzy rodents. Apparently these criters live in 'herds'. So Blackie admiting 1 was in the 'zone of influence' means a herd is nearby, and indeed it was. Gold Fields is developing its Salares Norte project in the Atacama. The company faced chinchilla concerns from the regulators about the $750m project. It worked with Chilean authorities to devise a brilliant relocation plan. The idea was to relocate 25 endangered chinchillas elsewhere. Out of the first four animals relocated, two died and one got a leg injury. The alarm bells rang. Gold Fields project is proceeding, but costs have exploded and the production date has been pushed back a year.
Chilean regulators have been burnt already and likely aren't eager for more Chinchilla punishment from fly by night mining operators pushing a $125m piss mine.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

C:AQUA - Aquarius AI Inc. - Mikie/Jessie Woodman/Dylan

Long time readers might recall the brutal 'black box' accounting scam pulled of by Mikie/Jessie Woodman/Dylan. BNS took it up the anus for upwards of $12m, the idiots. Anyway the shell is finally nearing its expiry as audited numbers for two years are MIA. Good riddance says I. A hundred new scams will replace it, and probably a new one from Mikie/Jessie, soon.

'The Faces Behind Our Success' is it? LoL.

Curious in that the Varshney group reused the GOOD.v trading symbol for the next scamola. That deal was blasted virtually instantly.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Alex Black RIO2 - Gold stream me this

We have numbers to mull. A $25m cash payment tied to a gold stream that looks to be problematic. Apparently this permit rejection could be real on July 1, potentially making that dough repayable. What precisely happens to this gob of money ought to be extremely important to RIO2 stakeholders. The dough appeared March 31. If it disapears folks best chit themselves.

We can report the top 5 executive dogs of RIO2 pulled down a combined $2.5m last year. (not a misprint) Co is blowing $13m every year. (not a misprint)
I ran the numbers and it surely ain't good. .38 gms/ton @ 60% recovery would be 4.5 tons needing to be processed to obtain 1 gm of Au, worth around $55. 20,000 tons per month using, presumably, piss trucked from 175 miles away. 1.8m P&P is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. That number represents a ridiculously low mine life for a $125m investment. "3.74 million ounces of proven and probable reserves" was the claim in 2018 when multi-millions was raised. The number was revised down to 1.8m P&P after the money appeared a year later, a decrease in proven mine life of more than 50%.
Heap leach is an amazing thing. Chit terrible Au grades of less than half a gram per ton are fine as long three things are true. The rock needs to be near surface oxide, there needs to be a lot of it, and water must be readily available. At around $55 per gram the economics are razor thin. 20% of the water needs of the RIO2 project were supposed to come from sewage water, and that was to be trucked 175 miles. Get over that without flinching and the OTHER 80%, and one must make assumptions because its not spelled out anywhere, is likely expected to come from ground water. We have the obvious reason why the authorities in Chile are against the project. Mr. Alex Black knew more than 4 years ago (and $62m later) he did not have sufficient water for this improbable project.
Mark Turner, aretard, IncaKola holding a bottle of piss.
One hopes 'mining expert' Mr. Mark Turner asks himself where precisely the fukkin water is for this operation before slagging the Chilean government again. Folks need to avoid the noise of aretards in the mining space.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Alex Black's RIO2 - Millions into the ether

Time has a propensity to reveal the horsechit of shameless promoters. Case in point is Mr. Alex Black and RIO2. This was authored in 2018 and today RIO2 was annilated, taking around $100m of others money with it. Its never rocket science.

Alex Black, CEO. We have discovered a too interesting 'co-incidence' between 2 VSE companies linked to the BridgeMark scam. Micheal McPhie of defunct Prize Mining (PRZ.v) and Alex Black of RIO2 (RIO.v) both used a lawyer at DLA Piper in Calgary to execute finance documents. That would be Mr. Mitchell Smith. Mr Smith's boss would be a very long term director/insider of RIO2 and a partner at that very office, Mr. Daniel Kenney. Kenny and his firm has been doing extremely well lately. "the Company incurred legal fees of $526,446 (2017 - $167,555) to a firm in which a director of the Company is a partner."
Kathryn Johnson CFOWhen RIO2 was first implicated in the BridgeMark scam I began an investigation into the company's financials and the $10m raised. RIO2, while 'doing' virtually nothing with their flagship property found a way to blow $10.2m in 9 months. Where precisely this cash went surely isn't obvious. The co has a paltry $3m in net current assets at last report.

It is appearing to this layperson that many millions simply vanished ... i.e. was capitalized, not shown as any expense. "Further development costs were capitalized to the asset from acquisition by Rio2 on July 24, 2018 to September 30, 2018." This accounting treatment is grossly improper and IMO fraudulent.
Most find numbers boring. For dopes rolling the bones on venture chit they best have a minimal appreciation of the size of the pee pee up their behind holes. There is something stinking in Mr. Alex Black's RIO2 and it ought not take audited numbers to (eventually) figure it out. Co raised $ 10m through 'subscription receipts' for "additional infill drilling of the higher grade areas and studies related to completing a definitive feasibility study for the Cerro Maricunga Gold Project, expenses of the Arrangement, as well as for general corporate and working capital purposes." That number ended up being $ 9.1m and the dough appeared at the end of July. Net assets were about $ 13m.
The latest reported numbers dated September 30, tell us net current assets were now around $3m, and this jives well with a statement of cash flows saying a whopping $ 10.2m was blown in 9 months. So we can state that in 60 days this co offloaded millions. Where (the fuk) did it go? There was no drilling and no work on the flagship save 'desktop studies'. There are no expenses reported explaining the missing dough. The only thing left is that many millions was paid out and then booked as an addition to capital. (i.e. Capitalized)
From what we know about the BridgeMark scam, the 'cheque swap' occurred when funds were advanced. That means the dopes behind the financing documents (DLA Piper) had to have handled the agreements regarding the kickback of those funds as well.

Given the incestuous relationship between those involved here it absolutely, positively appears a fraud of massive proportion has occurred.
See ----->Micheal McPhie - BridgeMark Venture Scam

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Monday, June 13, 2022

U.S. 10 Year Treasury = 3.356% - Fed rate up .75%

The Federal Reserve announced its largest interest rate hike since 1994 — three-quarters of a point, to a range of 1.5% to 1.75%. Inflation accelerated in May to 8.6% in the US, the highest level in four decades.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Its back - Anthony Jackson's MEAT.c

Anthony Jackson had 1.6m shares (pre-split) before his resignation. Post split is something around 3.2m.
Click to enlarge.

MEAT.c was juiced stupid on news of a deal (no numbers) with Whole Foods. Its deja vu all over again as these reprobates juiced the paper on the basis of a no numbers deal with Jimmy Pattison's Save on Foods years ago. That deal fell flat and so will the latest.

Health Canada banned MEAT.c 'crab cakes' on August 15 because of Salmonella. These scumbags disclosed nothing, not even to the people getting sick eating their garbage. "The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a food recall warning for Modern brand Tarragon Remoulade and ‘Crab’ Cakes. The Modern Meat Inc. is recalling the products from the marketplace due to possible Salmonella contamination." "...recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the place where they were bought."
"Both the Remoulade and the ‘Crab Cakes’ were made with onions grown by Thomson International Inc. of Bakersfield, California, the subject of a recall for a variety of onions first issued August 1, 2020."
9-9-2020 there have been 457 confirmed cases of salmonella in Canada with 66 requiring hospital. British Columbia (107), Alberta (257), Saskatchewan (33), Manitoba (25), Ontario (11), Quebec (23) and Prince Edward Island (1).
tarahaddad@royallepage.caGraeme Wood at Glacier Media has done superior work related to the massive BridgeMark fraud. Failed West Vancouver candidate Tara Haddad is a certified public accountant, and a realtor with Royal Lepage Sussex in West Vancouver. Haddad is the sole director of Saiya Capital Corporation, which was a respondent to the BCSC action. Haddad is the sister of prolific penny stock scammmer Anthony Jackson and the CEO of MEAT.c.

The BridgeMark cabal includes Justin Liu, a man with connections to the Hells Angels in Kelowna. Along with his mother, mountains of illicit and often terrible quality pot was sold, openly.
May Joan Liu
For those just tuning in, the BridgeMark crew are doing another scam right this instant. MEAT.c.

Abeir Haddad
Wickedly dirty realtor Shahin Behroyan, a former director of Navis, the shell of MEAT.c was found guilty of professional misconduct for demanding a seller grease him for a $75,000 bonus. He handed over his real estate licence for five years.  Behroyan also faces two criminal charges, one of aggravated assault and another of assault. Behroyan's close associate is Amin Lahijani, another realtor intimately connected to multiple BridgeMark scams.
Shahin Behroyan
Amin Lahijani
Intimately connected with the fully gruesome twosome Lahijani and Behroyan is none other than agent Teressa Decotiis of the Hells Angels connected Decotiis family. And WHO was directly involved in Behroyan's $75k scam for half? Yup.
See ----->Hells Angels Damiano Dipopolo and the Decotiis family
The Decotiis siblings hired senior Hells Angels Damiano Dipopolo and his brother Rocco in a long running family feud. Brandon Vito Hughes is thereafter whacked after multiple threats. Then the Decotiis finances the Hells Angels expansion into Kelowna to the tune of at least $700k, which was unsecured for over a year. Further, Teressa Decotiis was intimately involved every step of the way as management of Amacon, the corporate entity that advanced funds to Dipopolo.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Port of Vancouver worst in the world - Robin Silvester

The Port of Vancouver is the main gateway for goods from Asia, and it is near the top of worst in the world, ranking 368th out of 370 ports. The World Bank says the Port of Vancouver fails, miserably. Most inefficient ports in the world are Long Beach and Los Angeles. Significant improvements made there virtually guarantee the Port of Vancouver is the worst there is. Up to 15 ships are waiting to be unloaded on any given day. We may put them together for federal appointee Port Boss Robin Silvester, who has been 'doing this' since 2009.
One suggests Mr. Silvester has done enough and likely ought NOT tout the massive accomplishment on his CV. Only in Liberal Canada you say? Sigh.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

US to end Russia's ability to pay bonds in USD

The U.S. closed the last avenue for Russia to pay its billions in debt back to international investors today. The Treasury Department said it will not renew the license to allow Russia to keep paying its debtholders through American banks. Russia now has no ability to repay its international bond investors in US$. The Kremlin has been using JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup as its conduits to pay its international obligations. The next payments Russia will need to make on its debts are due on June 23. Those bonds have a 30-day grace period. After this point Russia will almost certainly default on it's sovereign debt for the first time since the 1917 Revolution.

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Crude - NG

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